Sangeetha Pulapaka

The safety depends mainly on the precautions followed in the mode of transport. Crowded buses as you know are not safe and motor boat with a faulty motor is not safe either. Highway travel especially during the night is not safe considering our safety depends on the driver of the oncoming vehicle. Travelling on land in India means driving a car, taking a bus either way there is bound to be a casualty in the long run because the safety of the passenger also depends on the driving skills of the other drivers present on the road at that time. There have been many instances of buses which have fallen into a canal due to the negligence of the driver. Trains on the other hand have lesser casualties. There have also been instances of trains being derailed because of faulty mechanisms etc.

So I feel that for long dstances, it is safer to travel by trains, rather than by cars or buses. Travelling on water is definitely much safer than travelling on land, considering you do not have any motion sickness.