Marlon And Sean

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They're setting their carrots to private, can you still see those carrots?
Mahesh Godavarti

Isaac, why did you transfer your carrots to somebody else? The only way for you to get carrots back from Marlon and Sean is for them to transfer the carrots to you. We cannot do that.

I think you should resolve the issue with Marlon and Sean and request them to transfer the carrots back to you.

They transfered them to me, they went onto my computer
Mahesh Godavarti
So, all good? Did you get your carrots back then?
Vivekanand Vellanki

There is no notion of marking carrots private. Everybody's carrots are visible only to themselves. All users can transfer carrots to their friends.

If I leave my computer unlocked and unattended, my friends can use my computer to transfer carrots to themselves.

Please keep your computer locked, if you have to step out.