Shubhanan Kulkarni

if you really want something, then you WILL work for it no matter how hard. It's like the time you asked your parents for a new console and they said no. You might have begged them and proved that you were worthy for the console. Sometimes when you want it so bad, you start thinking that you need it, and that becomes you reality. It's key to remember that you must see the end result but focus more on the process/ journey to get it because that's where all the hard work will be put in. It will help you realize your own progress and achieve bigger goals. Also, you need to remember the quote "no pain no gain". It's not a quote for no reason; it's a quite because it's a legitimate statement that works for EVERYBODY. Realize that to get something, maybe out of your reach, you need to work for it otherwise you will never get it. Keep telling yourself: the amount of work, efforts, and even pain = the amount of results. The last statement stands true to everything. It is very important so remember it. Best wishes on your journey!

Vivekanand Vellanki

Two things that work for me are:

  1. Get started. A lot of times, we dont want to do something and we keep postponing it imaging it to be a unpleasant experience. In my experience, the unpleasantness is not as bad as we imagine - just starting and getting the work done has often being much simple for me.
  2. Force a deadline. I tend to get things done when I impose a deadline. Often, there are external deadlines like exams, due dates, etc. Sometimes, I have to set internal deadlines to ensure that I get things to done.

Since you mention that this has become worse in the summer, I suspect it is due to the lack of deadlines.

Also, summer is when you feel there is lots of time to get things done - hence, it becomes easy to procrastinate. The key is to force yourself into a schedule by setting deadlines - this has worked well for me.

Mahesh Godavarti

One of the tricks to keep your motivation levels high is to break things down into bite-sized pieces that you can check off as you complete them.

Having a sense of accomplishment (and the dopamine high) that comes with checking things off keeps your motivation levels elevated.

This is especially true for me as an entrepreneur. If I only looked at my goal as achieving millions users on Qalaxia, then it is hard to keep myself motivated as getting there takes years. However, if I keep my eye on getting the next one hundred users then every time I achieve that goal, I can focus on the next one.

Another trick I use it to picture myself having accomplished the goal every time I feel my motivating flagging. That gets me right up and going again.