Odd or Even??

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If there are two friends, and one of them has 5 apples and the other has 10 apples, and they split the number of apples they have in half without cutting or getting rid of any of the apples, how did they do this?!

Mahesh Godavarti

I can think of two ways:

  1. They did it by weight. Some of the apples where bigger than others. So, they got a beam balance and arranged the apples so that both sides were balanced.
  2. They bought another apple and split the cost of the apple between them. Then they divided the 16 apples equally.
Shubhanan Kulkarni

If you're thinking of a Whitty answer, then say this: have the guy with 10 EAT 5 apples, and have the guy with 5 EAT 2.5 apples. That way the 15 will Halven into 7.5 apples and literally speaking, you are not really "getting rid of the apple" nor are you "cutting them". Your biting them, and the apples will still be there, just in your stomach.