Sangeetha Pulapaka
I think your question is which books you can refer to for getting a better result on your boards. As far as the result is concerned there are three things you can do. Listen attentively to the teacher in class, practice effectively at home and clarify your doubts (no matter however small) as and when they arise. Previous exam papers are a must do, at least from previous five years. Here are the links to a few of the websites which have them 1. 2. As far as the textbooks go if you read your NCERT textbooks thoroughly you will easily score 80 - 90%. Do not underestimate these textbooks. These books help as a platform for upcoming competitive exams like JEE mains, NIT and BITSAT. So do not follow multiple books on a single subject. A few reference books the students follow today are: 1. Arihant 2. Oswal 2. R.D Sharma I hope this answers your query. Best of Luck!