Pessimist vs Optimist

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If there are two people, one an optimist vs one a pessimist, who will be more annoyed by the other?
Shubhanan Kulkarni

That's a great question. Lets try to get an understanding of the nature behind each point of view.

A pessimist is always thinking negatively and even from the so-called "positive things", will find negative things. Thats just natural for the pessimist. So I really don't know if the pessimist will feel any positivity in the first place, but if he sees the optimist always being pessimistic, then he definitely will get very annoyed; its against his nature to be optimistic.

On the other hand, an optimist is always thinking positive. Which means that even if the optimist does see a pessimist's negative actions and/or intentions, he/she will always see the positive side of things. That's the nature of an optimist. Being positive is typically what makes people happy, and being negative is what takes away the happiness from people. Looking at this understanding, we can conclude that the pessimist would indeed be annoyed, however, the optimist would not be annoyed, as he/she would only look at the positive side of things and find positive messages from everything.

Using that conclusion, the pessimist would be more annoyed.