Sindhuja Parimi

Ya, blind people do dream. May be of a world even more creative and out of box, then ours. Our dreams more or less revolves around things we've seen.

But isn't it wonderful to give shape to our inner voice, our feelings and our physical encounters, into an abstract tapestry , weaving a pleasant place for ourselves. 

Right now, All I'm able to do to write this answer is to imagine that state where blindness forgets it's ambit to enter a boundless stage of fantasy, to converge into random dream or a dream that leads their way to their desires. 

Blindness do deprives them of the colours around, but not of their zeal to explore their own individuality as they are. 

you can check below link how blind people dream

Mahesh Godavarti

Edit: I am changing my answer to emphasize that I am only speculating here. I don't have definitive first hand experience.

Yes, I would expect that they do.

Your dreams are based on the sensations you experience when you are awake. A person who is not blind experiences all sensations in their dreams including visual dreams. In your dream, you would see images, hear sounds, smell odors, feel sensation etc.

The blind have all the other senses about them. Therefore, I would expect them to experience their dreams in those senses.