Step 1: Let us consider two congruent circles (circles of the same radius) with

            centres as O AND O'


Step 2: Prove that the two triangles are congruent

            NOTE: There are five ways to find if two triangles are

                congruent: SSSSASASAAAS and HL.

Step 3: Equate the radius of both the circles

            NOTE: Congruent circles are circles that have congruent radii.

            EXAMPLE: OA = O'C

                              OB = O'D

Step 4: Make sure that either central angles or chords of the circles are

            equal or not.

            NOTE: They will mention in the question (find the hint in the question)

Step 5: Recall all the congruent rules and identify the suitable rule.

          EXAMPLE: According to SAS theorem these two circles are equal.

Step 6: Prove the given condition by using the congruent rules

            NOTE: Two triangles are congruent if they have:

                            1)  Exactly the same three sides and

                            2)  Exactly the same three angles.