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Ananya Juluri

" there is a wisdom of the head, and ... there is a wisdom of the heart "

what does this quote mean?

please give some examples as to where this can be applied.


By head, people usually mean logic. By heart, people usually mean emotion.

Different people take decisions differently. Some people use logic to make decisions, while some people make decisions using emotion.

Lets take the decision of buying a house. The following factors are relevant in this decision:

  1. How many bedrooms does the house? Is it large enough for the family?
  2. Do my friends live in the neighbourhood? Do I know anyone in the neighbourhood?

There are many, but I took these two to highlight the differences.

People who go with the head, give more importance to 1 and make a decision based on that. People who go with the heart, give more importance to 2.

Here's an example from my personal life:

My college was due to start in Jan. My cousins were visiting us and they stayed back one week after the last date for college admission.

Someone who goes with the head, would have joined college before the last date. However, I chose to spend time with my cousins knowing fully well that I was risking something simply because my heart told me to enjoy the time with my cousins.