Step 1: Understand the question and make a note of the important points

            GIVEN:  Sangeeta and Reshma, paly a tennis match

                        The probability of Sangeeta's winning chances = P(S) = 0.62

            ASSUME : Let S and R denote the events that Sangeeta wins the match and

            Reshma wins the match, respectively.

Step 2: Determine the probability of the Reshma's winning chance

             FORMULA: We denote the event 'not E' by \bar{E}. This is called the complement event of event E.

                            So, P(E) + P(not E) = 1

             Here, Rashma's winning chance is compliment event to sangeeth's winning chance.

                So,  P(R) + P(S) = 1

                   The probability of Reshma's winning chances = P(R) = 1 - P(R)

                                                                                             = 1 - 0.62

                                                                                             = 0.38