Skate country the new roller skating rink has a special birthday party package the birthday party package includes a private room 2 large sheet cakes and 25 balloons as long as you spend at least 100

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they charge 4.00 per attendee who skates and 2.00 per attendee who doesn't skate q2 1 write an inequality to represent how many people must attend the party to receive the package make sure you define your variables a2 1 write your inequality here q2 2 create a graph of your inequality on demos be sure to label your axes a2 2 link your demos graph here make sure it is the share link q2 3 name a point in the solution region and explain what it means a2 3 list the point and what the point represents here

Sahil Khan

Assume the variable x to be the attendee who skates, and the variable y to be the attendee who does not skate.

Since it is given that they have to spend at least $100. The inequality to represent this will be 4x + 2y \geq 100

Since at least one person should attend this birthday party, we set up another inequality to represent this situation which will be x+ y \geq 1

Now we plot them using Desmos. Not providing you with the link here.

Point (25,0) is a solution to both the inequalities.

It means if the number of attenders who skate are 25, and the number of attenders who skate are 0, this satisfies the inequality.