Sangeetha Pulapaka

Step 1: Remember what a parabola is

Step 2: Sketch the parabola

Mark points (-5,0), (5,0) and (0,,-8) on the graph and join the points to get a parabola

Step 3: Determine the vertex of the parabola

Recall the vertex of the parabola

The vertex of the parabola is (0,-8)

Step 4: Determine the axis of symmetry

Remember how to find the axis of symmetry

It is the line of symmetry of a parabola and divides a parabola into two equal halves that are reflections of each other about the line of symmetry. It intersects a parabola at its vertex. It is a vertical line with the equation of [math] x = \frac{ -b}{2a}

The axis of symmetry for this graph is at x = 0.