Social issues

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Ananya Juluri

What are a few social issues that are prevalent in India today?

Sangeetha Pulapaka

Hi Ananya,

Here are a few of the social issues to be dealt with :

  1. Corruption:  According the the 2017 Transparency International Report, India was ranked 81st on the preceived level of corruption in the public sectors of 180 countries. The country slipped two places from 2016. Atleast 6 journalists were killed in India, according to the data provided by the Committee to Protect journalists, which is a non-profit organization working on press freedom issues. The cold-blooded assassination of Gauri Lankesh, a leading woman journalist from Bengaluru, came as a deathly blow to India’s shrinking free speech and press freedom.Gauri was shot to death by unidentified miscreants outside her residence in the evening hours of September 5. A liberal journalist and activist, Gauri ran a weekly newspaper Gauri Lankesh Patrike in Karnataka.
  2. Sanitation. Many health challenges are linked to sanitation. Narendra Modi announced a special focus on this topic. Linking a clean environment to human capital productivity is an issue that should be looked at as an investment and not a cost. The challenge is to identify and implement the right way to provide 1.2 billion Indians with a clean environment. But sadly, many Indians have no access to clean drinking water etc.
  3. Gender. There is a need for India to closely examine the norms that allow violence and a broader pattern of gender discrimination to continue. The gender gap holds back economies all around the world. Any society that does not value women as much as men is not reaching its full potential. Female foeticide is still prevalent in India today.
  4. Rising pollution levels in the country:  Pollution levels across Indian cities have rose to dangerous levels.
  5. Water scarcity. India’s large population places a severe strain on its natural resources, and most of its water sources are contaminated by sewage and agricultural run-off. While progress has been made, gross disparities in access to safe water remain. The World Bank estimates that 21% of communicable diseases in India are related to unsafe water, and diarrhoea alone causes more than 1,600 deaths daily.
  6. Caste system: The incident of a Dalit youth being murdered for riding a horse, is an example enough of the social conditions, people from marginalised communities face. Many cases in the rural areas where untouchability is still a practice. Some may say that it is prevalant in only rural and backward areas, but even the educated and the elite are not behind. There was a case of a high court judge, who purified his chambers with gangajal, because a dalit judge sat on the chambers before him. The Hyderabad's scholar Rohith Vemula's suicide was also brought about because of caste persecution.


Sangeetha Pulapaka
Also, related to the English author, Charles Dickens whose quote you mentioned . It is such a beautiful one! Makes me wonder if I should take up reading English Literature as a hobby!