Mahesh Godavarti

We use exactly the same methods to solve a system of linear equations. The methods are:

  1. Substitution - isolate the expression for one variable in terms of the other from one equation and substitute it in the other. E.g. substitute mx + b in the other equation to get a x + b_1 (mx + b) = c which gives you (a + b_1 b) x = c - m b_1, finally x = (c - m b_1)/(a + b_1 b).
  2. Elimination - we can eliminate a variable.
  3. Equal Values - similar to substitution
  4. Graphical - graph both equations and find the point of intersection

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Sindhuja Parimi

if you rearrange the equation y=mx+b as

mx-y= -b

The above rearranged equation and ax+by=c are same

now you can solve those equations by using elimination or substitute methods.

slope intercept form of ax+by=c is y=mx+c



substitute x value in ax+by=c equation


then y=\frac{\left(cm+ab\right)}{bm+a}

put y value in x then