South Korea

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Who are South Korea's allies and enemies? Give reasons for countries being allies or enemies.

Vivekanand Vellanki

After the end of the 2nd world war, although the US and Russia were on the winning side, there was a cold war between the two countries for world domination.

This essentially was a fight between two philosophies - communism on one side; and capitalism on the other side. The dominant communist countries were USSR (a mega country that included present day Russia and other countries like Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and others) and China. The dominant capitalist countries were the USA and most of Western Europe - UK, France, etc.

Unlike normal wars, the cold war was fought in other countries - e.g. Korea, Vietnam, and Afghanistan.

In all these cases, there were factions support by the two parties that were vying for domination.

In the case of Korea, the northern part was supported by the Communists; and the southern part was supported by the Capitalists. The war started in 1950 that eventually stopped in 1953 when an armistice was signed (technically, not an end to the war).

South Korea's allies still happen to be most of the capitalist countries - USA, Japan, UK, etc.

They have only one enemy - North Korea. It is alleged that China supports/advises North Korea. It is also alleged that Pakistan helped transfer some of the nuclear know-how to North Korea.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_War

Manomay Shravage

Enemy is North Korea. Because they caused Korean War(1950), and the War is currently performing now(Even if it is paused since 1953).

And the Allies are USA and Japan. Because the USA has affected South Korea from Independence and founding nation to supporting South Korea from Korean War to present.

Meanwhile, Japan is the surface alley of South Korea, but Koreans think this Alley(Korea-Japan) is not so good.Actually, the Korea-Japan agreement(1965)[Making formal diplomatic relationship between Korea and Japan after the Colonial Period] has fulfilled since 1965, many Korean from at that time to at current have thought that this agreement was unfair agreement especially about the apology of Japan of colonial rule in 1910 to 1945(Japanese Empire colonized Korea at that period. Most Koreans have the bad feeling about that, so even if the time passed more than 70 years when Korea had been under the rule of Japan, Koreans still often think Japan worst.). So, like this background, Koreans have thought Kor-Jap Alley is bad is a natural symptom I think. But in reality, Kor-Jap Alley is essential to make the power of equilibrium in East Asia when this situation continue. So, in my opinion, maybe Japan can be the superficial alley and the virtual enemy of Korea when Korea unified.

China is subtle to Korea. We can’t firmly say the China is an alley of Korea or Enemy. They had fought with North Korea against South Korea at Korean War, so maybe South Korean can think China as North Korea. But it seems not to be like that in modern Korea. There will be many reasons, but I think the most powerful reason is export rate about South Korea to China. More than 50% of Korean exports are going to China(Before few years, USA was the 1st export country in Korea). So South Korea’s government are delicate to have a diplomatic action to China. Concluding, China is neither Alley of Korea nor Enemy in the current.