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6.4: The Compton Effect - Physics LibreTexts

Nov 5, 2020 ... The Compton effect is the term used for an unusual result observed when ... Describe how experiments with X-rays confirm the particle nature of radiation ... Here the photon's energy Ef is the same as that of a light quantum of ... The wave relation that connects frequency f with wavelength λ and speed c ...

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Given that

Energy flux of sunlight P\ =1.388*10^3W/m^2

Average wavelength \lambda = 550 nm = 550 * 10^{-9} m


Step 1: Find the energy of  photon in the light beam.

              Energy of proton E=h\upsilon\ =\ \frac{hc}{\lambda}

                      Where, h - Planck's constant (6.626*10^{-34}), speed of light c = 3*10^{8} m/s   and \upsilon - frequency

                                          E=\frac{6.626*10^{-34}\cdot3\cdot10^8}{550\cdot10^{-9}\ }

                                          E=3.61\cdot10^{-19}\ J

Step 2: Determining the number of photons per second, on the average

              Relation between power(energy flux) and energy of photon

                                            P = nE

               Number of photons per second  n = \frac{P}{E}   


                                           n=3.9\cdot10^{21\ } potons/sec

            Hence, Number of photons per square meter o earth per second n=3.9\cdot10^{21\ } potons/sec