Step 1: Construct a table of values for given line equations

            NOTE: Select some values of x and then evaluate those values in the given  

            equation to get the corresponding values of y.

            EXAMPLE: 2x + 3y = 12

                    x = 0 3 6....

                    y = 4 2 0.....

       Do this for remaining equation for x and y coordinates

Step 2: Plot those points in the xy-axis, and connect them with a straight edge.

            NOTE: x = 0 means y- axis and y =0 means x-axis

            EXAMPLE: URL:

Step 3: From the figure, notice the base and altitude of the triangle

            EXAMPLE: From the figure, notice that the base of the triangle = 5 units

            Altitude = 2 units

Step 4: Substitute in the area formula of the triangle

            NOTE: \frac{1}{2} base * height

            EXAMPLE:   \frac{1}{2} (5 *2

                              Area = 5