Energy stored or conserved in an object is known as potential energy. The position, arrangement, or state of the object or substance determines how much energy is stored.

Potential energy PE = mgh

Where, the mass in kilograms is denoted by m, the acceleration due to gravity is denoted by the letter g. and the height in meters is denoted by h.

Given that

Mass of cannon ball m = 40 kg

Potential energy of cannon ball PE = 14000 joules

Acceleration due to gravity g = 10 m/s^2   

Haight of the cannon ball h = ?

Step 1:Calculation of the cannon ball height using the potential energy formula.

PE = mgh

14000 = 40 * 10 * h

h = \frac{14000}{400}

h = 35

Hence, cannon ball height h = 35 m