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Manomay Shravage

Do trees experience stress in their lives?

Ramanath Parimi


If we look at it, stress is simply pressure applied on the brain. It is good if it is in appropriate amounts as it motivates us to do things quickly. It is also good if one knows how to handle it.

Its not that tress don't face predicaments in their lives. They raise, they flower, they wave, they wither, and they even may get chopped off. They know how to reproduce their breed and aware of the weather conditions around. Their life is by instinct. So scientifically, they don't have what we refer to as brain. So no question of stress.

Whatever may happen to them, if allowed to live, they use every chance they have, how little it may be, to raise and blossom again. This proves that the bitter experiences happen to them cannot change the very state of their existence.

Tree is a very happy life by its own nature. Be like a tree.