Tricky Math Riddle

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Ibhanan Kulkarni

For a $100,000 prize, a question is written in a magazine. A man opens the magazine and reads a question written: "A man finishes 13 math problems in one day, and another finishes 27 math problems in one day. How many math problems have the 3 of you solved so far?" The man is confused when the magazine says "3 of you" because he has not solved any math problems today. He gives the answer of 40 problems, but to his surprise, he gets the question wrong. What is the correct answer to the question and why?

Vivekanand Vellanki

41 would be the answer.

Note that the question doesn't talk about how many of the problems were answered correctly, it only talks about answering Math problems.

The reader did not answer any Math problems today, and answered one now. So, the "3 of you" answered 13+27+1 = 41 Math problems today.