Sangeetha Pulapaka
  1. The inequality to represent the amount will be 0.1 d + 0.25 q \geq 8.50, where d represents the number of dimes, q represents the number of quarters, and 8.50 represents the total money in the jar.
  2. The solution means that the number of dimes and the number of quarters together are equal to or worth more than $8.50.
  3. The inequality that represents the number of quarters in the jar, can be got by solving the above inequality for q, 0.1 d + 0.25 q \geq 8.50 can be written as q \geq \frac{8.5 - 2.5}{0.25} or q \geq \frac{8.5}{0.25} or q \geq 24.