Shubhanan Kulkarni

Firstly, the answer to this question should be one you come up with on your own based off of your principles, morals, opinions, and historical outlook.

There are two very common theories as to why it was justified and why it wasn't.

Why: According to one common mindset, it was justified because apparently the bomb, which ended Japan's reign over the pacific regions, saved more people than it killed. This mindset claims that Japan would not have been defeated if it wasn't for the atomic bomb's massive, and I repeat, massive destruction. If Japan was not defeated, then The Japanese Imperial Army would have continued to invade areas and kill numerous people in their invasions and occurrences such as the Rape of Nanking and etc. The bomb ended the Japanese reign and saved the lives of countless people residing in various un-invaded, and even already invaded areas. This is the claim of this mindset, that seeks it appropriate to claim that the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was justified.

Why not: According to another very common mindset, the bombing was not justified mainly due to the atrocious destruction it caused (both cities were literally completely obliterated, and about 220,000 people instantly died) and because of the after affects of the bomb that unfortunately continue to affect/harm people today. Also, according to the book Brighter Than a Thousand Suns, the Japanese Imperial Army had already been drastically weakened by the US forces and their WWII strategies such as Island Hopping, which cut out major supplies to various army bases in Japan. Apparently, just a little bit more time and some more troops sent to fight the Japanese Imperial Army would have done the job, as, stated above, the Japanese Imperial Army was already majorly weakened. This makes you think: Why kill so many people then? Why drop the two bombs in the first place then? How come Hitler's Nazi Germany wasn't the first victim to the atom bomb? How come they defeated Hitler's Nazi Germany, which was arguably stronger than Japan's army, with no atomic bombs? The book does list the answers to the questions regarding the dropping of the atomic bomb, so if you are really interested, then take a look at the book. You will like it. That is essentially the mindset that claims that the bombing was not justified. I hope you understand the destruction of the atomic bombs dropped and realize how many lives were taken/affected and choose your answer to this question carefully.

P.S.: This book is credible because it was written by one of the scientists that contributed to the making of the atomic bomb(s) in The Manhattan Project. It is a book based on his personal experience(s).