Ramanath Parimi

First of all, real and myth aren't opposite terms.

In our lives, reality is subjective. Factors like place, culture, mindset, education, lifestyle define our reality. A reality of a person need not be in terms with a logical framework and fit into it. For example, the love of my life is a reality for me that people living in USA don't even have a damn idea about. My job is a reality for me which a farmer don't even know about. But they exist for me. Just because I don't see it, doesn't mean its not a reality for someone else.

Mythology is a group of traditional stories concerning the early history of a race. It's how they saw the world around them and depicted it. It's their perspective, their lifestyle and culture phenomena.

So when Egyptian mythology or any mythology for that matter, tells about gods, its is a crude way of dismissing it by saying its not real and patronising it just because it does't fit in our reality. We can only do so, to any work, if it stunts the progress of humanity. If not, it is the differences we have among cultures are what make us beautiful. We must learn to enjoy that.