If everyone on earth jumped at the same time,nothing much would happen.

Our collective mass compared to the mass of the earth is nothing.

Look at this for a calculated impact with some starting assumptions:

Also when we jump we will go to the ground eventually right? We will go back to to our initial position. Same with the earth,it will return to it's initial position.

According to Newton's laws of motion though(3rd law),every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So if you weigh a weight 'x',the earth is pulling you 'x' kgs down but you are also pulling the earth 'x' kgs up.

Lets say you jump a metre off the ground,the earth pulls you a metre back with its gravity. But you also pulled the earth up. Which is way lesser in significance compared to the earth's pull, but you still do pull it.

For more interesting and detailed info on this:

Also Vsauce's channel is amazing,has other cool videos too if you want to check them out.

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Hai Sindhuja Parimi.

Your are thinking in different way. keep it up

Coming to the point nothing will happen to the earth. Because earth is in a cylindrical shape and people are spread somewhat equally around earth. So the forces of the the people cancel each other, net force is zero. If any thing happen that must be negligible.