Sangeetha Pulapaka

These bugs are named as such because they resemble a fish, they cannot fly and one of the best ways to recognize them is the way in which they move; which is like a fish. You may have come across the expression “fishmoth” this is just a different name for silverfish so if you have been told you have fishmoths in your home, follow the steps given in this article to get rid of them. Another way to recognize a silverfish is its color; they range from grey to green in color.

These bugs like places that are high in humidity and can be found in bathrooms or anywhere there is water lying around; make sure you check for any leaking pipes and seal them up. Silverfish also love to eat paper and wood, this is why they can ruin your books and book cases. Reducing the amount of humidity in your house will help to prevent the bugs from returning.

Common silverfish (Lepisma saccharina) are wingless and have a flattened, carrot-shaped body. They have two long antennae on the head and three tail-like appendages at the tip of the abdomen. These insects are covered with metallic grey scales that give them their silvery colour.

Also, they are highly acrobatic! Because of their small size and many appendages, silverfish are capable of scaling walls and ceilings, jumping as high as two feet vertically, and squeezing into tiny cracks in your walls. Good luck cornering a silverfish!