Sangeetha Pulapaka

To me, the emojis used in any chat like Whatsapp resemble hieroglyphics.

The Egyptians wrote in hieroglyphs using symbols for both numbers and words

Different symbols were used for the most commonly used words. For names and words without symbols they used the symbols below.Hieroglyphic writing could be written in rows or columns.They could be written from left to right or from right to left. If written from left to right the animals would be facing left and if written from right to left the animals would be facing right. Writing in columns was generally written from top to bottom.

The term comes from the Greek word hieros, which means “sacred” and glyph, which means “writing” or “drawing.” The meaning of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs was mostly unknown until the eighteenth century discovery of the Rosetta Stone, an ancient stele made of diorite upon which the same text was written in three languages: ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, another Egyptian script called the Demotic script, as well as ancient Greek. This allowed scholars to finally understand many previously untranslatable hieroglyphic inscriptions. Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs are found on papyrus scrolls, wall paintings, and carved into stone. They often accompany images and are used to identify scenes and figures.

Did you visit the ajanta or ellora caves or any other old caves in India? You can see these cave paintings which show their history - how they used to live etc.

This is not Heiroglyphics. But still,