Sangeetha Pulapaka

Remember what a polynomial is

A polynomial of the form y = ax^{2}+ bx + c is called a polynomial of second degree, a quadratic polynomial or a quadratic function.  Where a is \neq 0, b and c can be zero. There should also be no negative terms in a polynomial.

P_{1}(x) = 2x^{2} - 3x +7 - this is a second degree polynomial

P_{2}(x) = 3x + 7 - this is not a second degree polynomial since there is no x^{2}

P_{3}(x) = x^{2} - 1 - this is a second degree polynomial ( b or c can be zero)

P_{4}(x) = x^{2} - \frac{1}{x} - this is not a polynomial ( x is not allowed in the denominator)