Applications of trigonometry


Trigonometry is a study of relationships in math involving lengths, heights, and angles of one of a kind triangles. So it can be used to measure the height of structures or mountains.

                  Measuring fields, lots and areas;

                  Making walls parallel and perpendicular;

                  Installing ceramic tiles;

                  Roof inclination

                  Where it becomes fundamental to use trigonometry.

You know that the sound travels in waves and this pattern though not longer as regular as a sine or cosine function, is beneficial in developing computer music.

Flight engineers have to take into account their speed, distance, and the route along with the speed and direction of the wind.

In physics, trigonometry is used to discover the components of vectors, model the mechanics of waves (both physics and electromagnetic) and oscillations, sum the power of fields and use dot and move products. Even in the projectile movement, you have a lot of utility of trigonometry. etc.........