What are the instructions to participate in this buildmybotcontest?

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  1. Sign up by clicking on https://lnkd.in/gqyJtaR â€‹with your Google account
  2. If you have already signed-up, then simply "Login" to your Google account from https://www.qalaxia.com
  3. Create your own circle by clicking on "Circles" top menu and then "Create Circle" button on the RHS
  4. Provide a circle name
  5. Make it PRIVATE
  6. Select your grade
  7. Click "Submit"
  8. Now you are placed in your private circle where you can create the blog and test your bot.
  9. Click on "SHARE YOUR EXPERTISE" button, select BLOG and then create your own content regarding city of Cupertino.
  10. VERY IMPORTANT - DO NOT FORGET: create a tag -- Cupertino. Your Q&A-Bot will not work if you do NOT provide this.
  11. Click on PUBLISH
  12. VERY IMPORTANT - DO NOT FORGET: Enable your Q&A bot to answer questions
  13. Click on your "user name" on the top RHS
  14. Click on "EDIT PROFILE" button
  15. Enable your Q&A Bot by selecting it
  16. Verify to select your newly created circle in the "Circle(s) you are an admin of" drop down.
  17. Navigate back to your private circle.
  18. Click on "ASK A QUESTION" button to ask a question regarding the city of Cupertino as per your newly created BLOG.
  19. Select "Other" in the drop-down for the type of question
  20. Ask your question in the "Title" text box
  21. Submit
  22. Verify if your user Q&A bit answers your question based on your blog.
  23. Optimize your blog / question so that you are able to answer as many questions as you can about the city of Cupertino.
  24. Sample Questions:
  25. Where is Cupertino located?
  26. What is the meaning of Copertino?
  27. When did De Anza college open?
  28. Who was Cupertino named after?

TIPS: Try to refrain from questions such as "What is Cupertino?" :-)

You have starting TODAY (June 24th) until August 9th, 2019 to create content/blog, ask questions and verify that your Q&A bot answers them satisfactorily.