Word 'environment' refers to all or any that's around us. Literally, it means everything that surrounds us including the physical, Social world and cultural environment. In general, it includes all the forces outside the kith and kin to which they respond in a way.

A psychologist named Stokols proposed three approaches to explain human-environment relationship:

(i) The Minimalist Perspective: This view assumes that physical environment has negligible influence on human behaviour. Both run parallel to every other.

(ii) The Instrumental Perspective: in line with this approach, environment is solely provider. it's for the comfort people. kith and kin can use the environment as per their needs.

(iii) The Spiritual Perspective: It refers to the view of the environment as something to be respected and valued instead of exploited. Physical environment and relationship are interdependent. the standard Indian view about the environment supports spiritual perspective, worshipping Pipal, respect for rivers and mountains. Chipko Aandolan and movement by Bisnoi Community are samples of Indian perspective.