Sangeetha Pulapaka

Second degree polynomials of the form ax2 + bx + c (quadratic) are a special case in polynomial factoring. It may be factored using a variety of methods.


By factoring, we mean finding the two binomials whose products will equal the original second degree polynomial. For example, x2 + x - 2 in factored form is (x - 1)(x + 2).


There are several methods that may be used to factor second degree polynomials.


The first one involves using mental math to determine the factors of the polynomial, and is sometimes referred to as the reverse foil method.. This method works well when the "a" value in the quadratic equation is 1, but is more difficult when a is not 1. 

Another method is to apply factoring by grouping, to the polynomial. 


Another method is the box method, that works well for any value of a, as does the diamond method and the "slide and divide " method.


Box method of factorizing a polynomial

Diamond method of factorizing a polynomial

Mental math method to factorize a polynomial

Factor a polynomial by grouping