Sangeetha Pulapaka

This happened once to a person I know. Actually, it isn’t the water that breaks electronics; it’s the small particles that are dissolved in water called ions. These particles cause electricity to go places it’s not supposed to go – this is called a “short” and it’s what ultimately causes your device to break.

Not all liquids are the same, ion-wise. Some have more ions than others. For instance, distilled water you buy from the store will have next to no ions, whereas sea water has a ton of them.


The mobile doesn't work properly when you dropped your cell phone into the sink, pool or toilet etc. 

The cellular smartphone is a combination of the electric circuits. Electric circuits are designed in a specific way to function some activities, by using the electronic components (conductors, resistors, inductors, capacitors, transistors, and diodes etc.). We are interrupting the electric circuits by external activities like dropping in water. Hence, circuit not functions well and it delivers high currents to the components these leads to failure of components and circuits. So phone not works properly.

What happens inside the phone.

When you drop the mobile in the water. the water sinks into the phone. The water covers the electric powered circuit. We have known that current constantly select the much less resistive direction to flow. Water acts as a less resistive conductor and directs the currents in a flawed way these reasons damage to the circuit and components.

How to escape:

Don't worry you can without difficulty break out from the injury of your phone.

Dry the phone.

1) Use a cloth, or paper towel to dab your smartphone dry

2) can use a vacuum to cautiously suck out water

3) Put your cell inside the rice to dry.


1) Turn it off

2) Don't strive to switch on your mobile.

3) Remove all the components that you can like a sim, memory card, and battery, etc.

4) Don't charge it

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