Sangeetha Pulapaka

Hi Manomay,

    Déjà vu is an interesting term that has been used in the English language since the turn of the twentieth century. We will examine the meaning of the phrase déjà vu, where it came from and some examples of its use in sentences. Déjà vu is a phrase that means the feeling of having experienced a situation before, the feeling of having already experienced something that is currently happening, the feeling of already having lived through what one is currently living through.

  I do not want to spook you, but I have experienced this more than once. It was a simple feeling that I had been in that room before, talking to that person, even though it was the first time I met her! It happened on a few different occassons.

I tried to get more information from google, and it turns out that this may be happening,  because I am either gifted or because I am dead and my future self is experiencing this! I know I am not  dead nor gifted. So, I guess google does not have the answers to everything! Spiritual awakening was also listed as one of the reasons. I am not a spiritual person, so......