Ramanath Parimi

Tungsten (also referred as wolfram ) is a chemical element. Its symbols is W and atomic number is 74. It is a transition metal which is located in group 6 of the periodic table. [1]

Tungsten is the most refractory metal on earth[2] . Which means, it can withstand to highest amount of external heat, pressure or chemical attack. The reason being, it has the highest melting point [3] - 3422^{\circ}C  of the elements discovered. It also has the highest boiling point - 5930^{\circ}C. [4] , lowest vapour pressure - at temperatures above 1650^{\circ}F [5] and the highest tensile strength. [6]

It is used in production of hard materials, alloys, armaments, and parts of  jet rockets, space shuttles and voyagers

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