What is WWE?

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World Wrestling Entertainment (or WWE for short) is a very popular expert wrestling and entertainment organization that is owned by way of Vince McMahon Jr.

It was previously known as the World Wrestling Federation or the WWF earlier than 2002 from 1979 until then and the World Wide Wrestling Federation or the WWWF from 1963 till 1979 (despite the fact that at that time it became owned by way of Vince McMahon Sr. Who was the father of the Vince McMahon who owns the enterprise today). The current Vince also has two kids from his wife Linda McMahon (who was formerly the organization's CEO) Stephanie McMahon who's a wrestling supervisor for her husband Triple H (who worked full time for the company inside the past as a wrestler himself before transitioning to a backstage role in latest years) and her brother Shane McMahon who's an on-display screen authority determine and partly owns the WWE as properly.

Many people yet agree with all they do is 100% actual even as few denied it being real and say they do not even touch each other. People debate on it being either Fake or Real, however, WWE isn't always each neither faux nor real. It's Scripted!


Yes, obviously the complete Pro Wrestling is a scripted game, not only WWE. Scripted means, all that they have done or are approximately to do in a show is already written in a paper by means of writers. The destiny of the wrestler whether he loses or he wins is inside the hand of the booker and in WWE the booker is Vince McMahon. Sometimes winners are decided on the idea of abilities they own for interesting the crowd however due to the fact WWE has turned more into business, Vince McMahon likes to pick one in every of his own favorite as nicely as someone who appears MAN sufficient to rule the industry.

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