Sangeetha Pulapaka

Is it a guy or a girl? If a guy then  my suggestions are Mr. Big, Mr. T , Big T. Mr. Growls- a - lot (because you know they roar/growl a lot) or Mr. Roar. If it is a girl then  Big Mamma, She rock (stronger than a rock) ,  Ms.Car (because she is a carnivore) or just angry mom!

Mahesh Godavarti
Very creative!

When naming a new stuffed animal, you should take the animal's appearance and personality into account. Some stuffed animal owners prefer to name their animals traditional human names, while others prefer pet names.

Try to name as per the characteristics that comes to your mind first when seeing the stuffed animals. For example, Fluffy, Patches might be good names for stuffed dog.  Tiger might be a good name for an orange stuffed animal.  Etc..