Ramanath Parimi

Fire is one of the fundamental ingredients of life on this planet.

Chemically, Fire is a result of a chemical reaction called combustion[1], which is also referred as burning in normal terms. Combustion is the reason due to which flames get produced in a fire, and the heat produced in the process is the reason for the flames sustainability.

Coming to the state, the fire consists of hot gases. A very hot fire releases sufficient amount of energy which could ionize[2] the gaseous atoms , forming a state of matter called plasma. [3]

Fire is hot because the combustion produces lot of energy than what is needed to ignite of sustain a fire.

[1] A combustion happens between a fuel (also called as reductant) and an oxidant. This oxidant is usually oxygen in atmosphere.

[2] Ionisation  is the process in which an atom or a molecule gains a negative or positive energy by losing or gaining electrons

[3] Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter, attained usually by heating

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Image Credits : https://videohive.net/item/fire-element/8525555