Ramanath Parimi

Photochemical smog, also known as summer smog, happens due to the chemical reaction sunlight, nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere.

It is visible in brown haze, and happens mostly on morning and afternoon times as opposed to industrial smog which mostly forms at night or cloudy days. It happens especially in highly populated warm cities situated in basis surrounded by mountains such as LA, Shanghai, Denver, Mexican City, Vancouver etc.

Photochemical smog over shanghai [1]

This smog can ruin ourselves as it happens during the day. People going to work, doing daily things experience watery eyes and respiratory problems.  This smog started happening since 1940 and mostly because when people go to work in their vehicles, the Nitrogen Oxides produced from the vehicles go into the atmosphere.

As urban population is getting increased, unless dealt properly, there is no way this phenomenon going to go down.

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