Vivekanand Vellanki

Here is one story from the book: "Little house on the prairie". If you haven't read this book, it is a good book to read.

The series (the Little house series) is a set of books set in the US, in 1860s. This is the story of a family. that lives in the frontier as the US was being settled from East to West.

Most of the time, they lived in forests or grasslands with no one nearby.

Once, Pa (the father of the child) saw a fire in the forest land nearby. They were living in a grassland at this time - very dangerous because fire burns dry grass quickly and spreads outwards destroying everything in its path.

Pa dug out a trench around his farm - he created a strip of land devoid of any grass around his house so that the fire has nothing to burn and cannot cross the strip of land.

Once this was done, he and his family stood on the edge waiting with buckets of water in case some of the fire jumps across the bare strip. When this happened, they would quickly throw water or blankets on the fire to shut it out.

This works to protects patches of land. To stop a fire from spreading, the same technique can be used. Prepare a bare strip of land around the fire and don't let the fire cross this stretch of land.

I would recommend reading the series to get an idea of how people lived in the 1860s in different parts of the US.

SVR Murthy

Firefighters use a tool known as a Pulaski. Its a combination of an ax and hoe used to dig a fireline. A fireline is a strip of land from which all brush and debris have been cleared to rob a wildfire of its fuel.Firefighters also use hotshots and smoke jumpers to clear a large path in a big circle around the fire so the blaze is contained in a ring of dirt. When the fire reaches this area, it runs out of fuel and starves to death. aIf the fire is too large, however, planes and helicopters fly overhead, dropping water and special chemicals that smother the flames.This pink, fire-retardant chemical is called sky jell-o.