While it is easy to find out the way to have a look at the sun as there are several right ways, there also are many wrong ways to look at the Sun. The danger is obvious: its disk is so bright that prolonged, direct exposure can cause permanent damage to the retina, resulting in loss of vision or blindness.

To observe the Sun safely, you would like to separate over 99% of the Sun’s light before it reaches your eyes.Given these caveats, here’s some practical advice on the way to have a look at the sun to securely observe sunspots and solar eclipses alike. this text covers a good range of options:

How to view a eclipse directly by using the low-cost solar observing glasses from companies


  • Projecting an image of the Sun


  • Using a Telescope or Binoculars to look at the sun


  • High-end solar filters for Telescopes

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