Sangeetha Pulapaka

The largest mountain in the solar system is on Mars. It measures about 342 miles across (550 km) - about the same as Utah! It towers three times taller than Mt Everest (16 miles tall) — making it the tallest mountain in our solar system.

Mons (plural montes) is the term for extraterrestrial mountains.  Even the Moon bears montes that dwarf our own. Measuring base to peak, Mons Huygens stands about a mile taller than Earth’s Everest. Montes of both the Moon and Mars will likely be extensively explored and summited similar to the mountains here on Earth.hes 15 miles above the surface of Mars. At the top is a volcanic crater 56 miles. Mars is so small (about half the size of earth) and Olympus Mons is so large, that when you look at the whole planet, Olympus Mons looks like a gaint wart.