Every pressure wave produces a sound of some kind. But we call those kinds of sounds noise. If you want a clear, pure tone, then you need a resonator to amplify the “good” parts of the sound and suppress the “bad” parts. That’s what an organ pipe or a vibrating string is: a resonator. The standing wave represents the wavelength that the resonator is tuned to accept and reinforce.

Musical sounds can be produced by oscillating strings, air columns, membrane, steel bars and many other oscillating bodies. In most of the instruments, more than a single part take part in oscillation such as strings and body f violin vibrate producing musical sound.

Organ Pipe

A hollow wooden or metallic tube used to produce sound is called an organ pipe. It is wind instrument such as a flute, whistle, violin, clarinet etc. their air column in it set into vibrations by blowing air into it from one end. If both ends of the pipe are open, it is called an open organ pipe; flute is an example pipe.

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