Sangeetha Pulapaka

Do you have a pet tarantula?  For most of us, the Arachnophobia in us naturally leads us to not so good thoughts. We tend to associate Tarantulas with fear. However, this fear only comes about because of how little we know about these little critters.

A wide array of animals are frequent victims to the unconventional and frightening tarantula. Smaller tarantulas predominantly eat fellow bugs, such as cicadas, crickets, grasshoppers, sow bugs, caterpillars and beetles. They also sometimes eat other varieties of spiders. Some examples of larger tarantula prey include lizards, snakes, bats, toads, frogs and rodents such as pinky rats and mice. Certain varieties of tarantulas  I think the Goliath birdeater -- often also consume hatchlings and birds, hence the fitting moniker.

Do you know that the human being is almost always at the top of any food chain? Here is a picture of the famous actor Anjelina Jolie eating a tarantula!


No,I dont have a pet tarantula and am scared of spiders.I asked out of curiosity