Sangeetha Pulapaka


   It is normal to get attracted towards a fancy gadget. But, one has to make sure that we do not overdo this. Children whose childhood is “stolen” by gadgets lack physical activity in all respects. In general, kids today prefer spending hours playing with their tablet or cellphone instead of heading outdoors to a park or getting active with friends. Just imagine a kid sitting in front of a tablet and playing some “Angry Birds”. What physical exercise is done here? Hardly any.

Sedentary lifestyle causes one more acute problem – childhood obesity. Taking a tablet or smartphone to the dinner table, a kid can’t control the normal food intake. Either he or she eats too quickly or too much since they are concentrated on the screen, not on the meal.

Gadgets addiction can affect sleep. Children too excited with gaming have problems with falling asleep. Many parents complain that they can’t simply make their children go to bed because of long-drawn playing. But the most risks are connected with the mental health of children. Gadgets overuse is always a risk factor for child depression, anxiety, autism, psychos and other problematic child behaviors

Surely, there are some benefits of early gadgets adoption. The major one lies in the educational opportunities for children. With a device connected to the Internet, kids have the fastest ever access to the information.

Generally, technology and gadgets have merits and demerits. Students, in particular, just need to have discipline within them and must set boundaries or limitations in their personal lifestyles. It is simply a matter of intelligent choice.