Mahesh Godavarti

If this was a philosophical question: In life, as human beings, we should always try to make life better for our fellow beings (human or otherwise).

If this was a question purely seeking career advice: You should try to find the intersection of what you love, what pays well, and what you are good at.

But, why do philosophy and practicality have to clash? A happy marriage is possible!

The world would be a better place if humanity as a whole had the same goal of making life better for our Earthly coinhabitants. Then the intersection of the three circles highlighted in red in the picture above, could actually be #win-win-win and not just #win!

Alexis Lopez
Thanks bud!

"What do I want to do with my life?" is a big question, even if your mind grazes over the existential “what does life mean? undertone that inevitably bubbles up when you start to really ponder what you are versus what you “should” or could be doing with your life.

Learn about yourself.

Try these to figure out to understand what you should be working on.

A few personality tests to try…

  • Meyers-Briggs: 16 Personalities gives a great breakdown of each type.
  • Born for This: This quiz helps you see how you like to work.
  • Chopra’s Dosha Quiz: While not the most detailed of dosha quizzes, Chopra’s is a great introduction to mind-body types

Make lists of what you’re good at and what your interests are.

These apps can help you to make lists --

There's no answer to life, and ultimately only you will really know what you should do with yours. Get organized, look for inspiration and passion, and realize that seemingly random pit-stops on the road will come back to help you — sometimes a whole lot — later on down the road.