Sangeetha Pulapaka


  AI is already an everyday use in many areas. Here are a few:

  1. Lawyers have to maintain and recall vast amounts of information in the form of legislation, case law and secondary cases, and they spend up to a fifth of their time on legal research. But an AI app called Ross Intelligence could soon help with that. The program, which is built on IBM's super-computer Watson, uses natural language processing to answer legal questions in a fraction of the time that it would take a legal assistant. Ross is already being used by law firm Baker and Hostetler, who will be applying it to their bankruptcy practice. 
  2. Did you ever want to open up a box with a gadget/toy or a website because it looked attractive? Good design and visual branding is no longer the privilege of companies with the money to pay great in-house designers or outsource the work. We have already seen startups thinking outside the box to provide more affordable design services. AI design service can automate a full branding package.This platform offers unlimited, small graphic design tasks to other startups through a subscription package, and Tailor Brands uses artificial intelligence to help business automatically generate a logo that fits their company.
  3. Sifting through reviews to find out how to improve the video games they are building can be a tedious task for developers, but a new program for aggregating game feedback could help. Player XP is a review and analysis platform for mobile gaming. The aggregator uses machine learning and natural language processing to analyze the reviews. It filters unhelpful reviews or spam, showing only constructive feedback through its artificial intelligence program. As well as removing unhelpful feedback, the platform categorizes the data via date published or ratings, so more in-depth analysis can be done. The platform is dedicated to mobile games, and currently aggregates more than 40 million iOS reviews from 250,000 iOS mobile games. Machine learning (AI)  be used to help players themselves find new and exciting games that fit their tastes.
  4. Being well-informed and able to view things in the longterm can make all the difference when it comes to financial decisions. We have already seen the likes of a tech assistant using big data to help people get the best exchange rates, and now Pefin can help even more. The artificial intelligence platform, which is currently in Beta, is a financial advisor that is significantly cheaper than its human counterparts.
  5. And not the least YUM! YUM! Situated at the intersection of food and technology, NotCo (The Not Company) used artificial intelligence to create the world’s smartest chef. Nicknamed Guiseppe, the advanced algorithm examines the molecular structures of meat and dairy products and attempts to replicate them using plant material. The company says the secret to creating notably good-tasting vegan meats, eggs, milk and cheeses is to find plants that have similar molecular structures. The final product should have almost identical flavors and textures. When Guiseppe creates a recipe, the algorithm not only considers the relative availability of various plants, it also tries to enhance nutrition by including additional sustainable ingredients. Products available so far are NotMilk (made from nuts, rice, peas, linseed and coconut). NotHotdogs, NotChocolate, NotMayo are in development.


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