S. Prem Kumar

The universe doesn't have a 'centre'. Think of the surface of a sphere, or an infinite plane. No point on either of these has special status, and thus there is no sense in which there is a centre.

Chris Matthews
I heard that in the future, the universe will collapse on itself, just as it has been expanding for years. Is that true?
S. Prem Kumar
Chris, what we know today from observations is that the universe is expanding at an accelerating pace, consistent with the existence of something called the `cosmological constant' in Einstein's equations for gravity (also called General Relativity). Based on this the most likely scenario is that the universe will continue expanding at an ever increasing pace. The time scales for this are vast and a host of other phenomena could occur on those time scales, and are possible predictions of the mathematical frameworks underlying the quantum theory of elementary particles. However, most of these predictions, including possible collapse of the universe in future, are based on ideas and assumptions that at the moment can only be called speculative although the mathematics behind them is deep, complex and beautiful.