Ramanath Parimi

If we understand acting as an art form, the fact that a person could live a character so much so that many people wouldn't recognise that person by their own name would be a true success for an actor.

Rowan Atkinson is such an actor for me. My childhood associated with Mr Bean and his appearance on the television most of the time. I don't know his real name until my late twenties. I didn't care for it either.

Acting, especially acting fictional characters, for which no reference exists before is really a tough job. That too for a character associating with comic background takes enormous amount of skill to pull of. Mr Bean is one such character where Mr Atkinson becomes a child and so natural that you wouldn't feel someone's actually acting.

What takes a person to do a job with such proficiency? Making people laugh is much harder thing to do. I personally feel, you can make someone laugh with comics and anime easily than with real people's acting. It takes sheer brilliance to be great at that. All great actors might not be comedians but A great comedian should be an amazing actor or must be bearing enormous amount of pain or anger inside. Atkinson and Chaplin fall in each of those categories.

Mr Atkinson may have done many things apart from Mr Bean in his life. But, even today, when I see Mr Bean on screen, that fact that I cherish his acting is his value. Acts of many comedians feel so artificial after a point, but you wouldn't feel that with Mr. Bean. He is  our true inner self. He is who we really want to be, many times.

And Mr Bean is brought to you by Mr Rowan Atkinson. That is who he is.