Sangeetha Pulapaka

It is the same reason why, some humans are non-vegetarians! Just kidding! Unlike humans some plants really do not have a choice. When I think of carnivorus plants, I remember all the movies I watched, as a kid. Some of them had man-eating plants and I remember having a nightmare or two! I would wake up screaming "Why did I touch it?"

Jokes aside, you do know that plants can make up their own food? That is what photosynthesis is about. They take carbon dioxide, and water from the sun and make up their own food. In addition to this, they also need minerals to survive, The soli has minerals and these plants take up these minerals from the soil. But for plants which live in wet areas, the water washes away the soil and so carries away the nutrients the plants need to grow. Some plants found a solution to this. They trap mostly insects and take nutrients out of their victim bodies. They can eat animals too.

Are any of these carnivorous plants pose a threat to humans? Not really. The largest of the meat eating plants is a relative of the pitcher plant named Nepenthes. It's vine is 50 feet in length and it captures mostly insects, small frogs and rats. It's pitchers have been found to hold 4 quarts of liquid. In fact humans found a way to use these plants to their benefit. The pitchers can be cleaned out to cook rice and it's strong vines serve as ropes.