Ramanath Parimi

Art flourishes from a mind which dwells in its own perspective of the world. The great artistry, which may not be famous, happens from a beautiful mind. A connoisseur interprets many things from a random coloured painting and call it a masterpiece, which normal people find absurd. 

Pharaonic art is how the artists at that time could depict a view of the world around them. For us, it the only door to study the Egyptian culture and their life.

If you look closely, all pharaonic paintings follow same style. It was what they thought of representing an object, which mostly is human form, to the fullest possible.

If you see a human  in Egyptian drawing, not all of it is in sideways. The feet are always drawn sideways, may be because they thought it was easier to draw like that. Also, we can show the muscles of legs and thighs in a different perspective.

The torso is always drawn in frontal view to show both shoulders and arms fully. If its a woman, they could show their decorating materials completely -

The face, is always drawn in sideways because of two reasons -

One - it is easier to draw nose, mouth and other facial features in sideways

Two - They get to show their hair styles, whatever crowny things they wear on their head which will have some things on the back of their heads such has knots, ornaments and feathers etc. If the face was front, there's no way to show these things.

Not only humans, they drew animals, weapons, and any objects for that matter in side-ways, which, reveals them as complete as possible and make their job eaiser.

It is impeccable that they could draw such beautiful paintings with colours perfectly. One would wonder what colouring materials and brushes they had to produce such an amazing work.